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I could hear Jack's voice in the hallway outside the room. "Don't tell me that ... she was at your clinic this morning ... " There was more talk, but things were becoming fuzzy as the sedative took hold. When they returned Jack bent over me. His eyes were red and swollen. That’s funny, I thought, Jack crying? I must be worse than I think. "Your husband tells me you are a very sensible person," the young doctor said. I tried to grin through the pain. " The doctor smiled slightly and placed his stethoscope against the upper part of my chest.

She laughed. "I've been coming to the Miracle Services for some time. We always get here about sun up to get a place close to the door. Many of those who arrive early are desperately ill, but I've never known of anyone dying. The power of God surrounds this place on the day of the Miracle Service. " That was reassuring, for I was already tired and weak. The woman, Orpha, introduced me to her friend June and we stood and talked. Others told me of the great services in the past and recounted many miracles they had seen.

For the first time, perhaps in all my life, I was worshiping. I wanted to shout. I wanted to dance. I wanted to stretch my arms all the way through the elegant ceiling, through the clouds, all the way to the throne of heaven. Praise! What a wonderful word. Oh, how I praised Him! 7. All That Counted Was Jesus I kept wanting to pull my eyes down and look at Miss Kuhlman. After all, I had come ten thousand miles to see her. But I could not look at her. I realized I had not come all the way from Australia to see Kathryn Kuhlman.

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