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By James Carville

Every 4 years american citizens carry a presidential election. someone wins and a person loses. that is existence. yet 2008 used to be an anomaly. The election of President Barack Obama is set anything a ways greater than 4 or perhaps 8 years within the White condominium. due to the fact 2004, american citizens were witnessing and taking part within the emergence of a Democratic majority that would final no longer 4 yet 40 years.

To comprehend the emergence of a long-lasting Democratic majority we will first need to spend a couple of moments reviewing the profound and constant incompetence of the Bush management -- and the pursuant cave in of the Republican occasion. that implies in retrospect on the failure of Republican rules -- together with a wholesale rejection of the parable of conservative superiority at the economic system -- and protecting our noses lengthy adequate to survey the gallery of actually repellent scoundrels, scandals, and screwups that the Republican celebration has been answerable for during the last 8 years.

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3 Ari Fleischer got out and said that the Bush administration staff would be “cataloging” the extensive vandalism that was being rumored of the Clinton staffers. The exact quote? ” Fleischer volunteered that the White House might itemize the cost of the pranks to taxpayers, but graciously conceded that the cataloging was “very informal—we’re going to note it and that’s that. ”4 The ease with which Republicans were able to feed fiction into the national news cycle told the White House that (a) they could say whatever they wanted and the press would not challenge them; (b) the Democrats were too confused or afraid to mount a vigorous defense; and (c) the public was willing to believe their lies.

The definitive victory of President Obama this year—which included Indiana, North Carolina, Nevada, New Mexico, and a variety of previously “purple” states—and the sheer tide of electoral votes and congressional seats Democrats won this year should silence even the most reality-averse of critics. From the sheer incompetence of the Bush administration to the poisoning of the Republican Party brand among Americans to the demographic disadvantage conservatives face, all signs suggest that 2008 will be the first of many victories for the Democrats.

They should be throwing up. Republicans better get a better policy on prescription drugs and quickly: they’re going to need a lot more Prozac. The Republican brand is the worst political party brand in history. They’re just pathetic at this point. The demographic foundations of the Republican Party are crumbling, and they’re being held accountable, very rightly so, for having started a massively expensive and disastrous war and creating an economic catastrophe. Young voters. White men. Unmarried voters.

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