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At the evening of March 26, 1938, nuclear physicist Ettore Majorana boarded a boat, funds and passport in hand. He was once by no means obvious back. In A marvelous Darkness, theoretical physicist João Magueijo tells the tale of Majorana and his examine staff, “the through Panisperna Boys,” who chanced on atomic fission in 1934. As Majorana, the main amazing of the crowd, started to discover the consequences of what that they had came upon, he turned more and more volatile. Did he dedicate suicide that evening in Palermo? used to be he abducted? Did he level his personal death?
A remarkable Darkness chronicles Majorana’s valuable contributions to science—including his significant discovery, the Majorana neutrino—while revealing the reality at the back of his interesting and tragic lifestyles.

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If you are sitting reading this in the sunshine, the photons reaching your retina were born, just eight and a half minutes ago, through nuclear fusion in the core of the sun. Five minutes ago they were streaking past the orbit of Mercury; two and a half minutes ago they outran Venus. Those not intercepted by the earth will pass the orbit of Mars in about four minutes’ time, and Saturn in just over an hour. After this journey across space, and in unchanging time (because, as Einstein figured out, moving at the speed of light brings time to a standstill), the sun’s white light envelops the world around us and breaks into a multicolored scatter.

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