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By D. M. Bose, S.N. Sen, B. V. Subbarayappa

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We're impending the day whilst advances in biotechnology will enable mom and dad to "design" a toddler with the features they wish. the ongoing debate over the probabilities of genetic engineering has been lively, yet thus far principally restricted to the geographical regions of bioethics and public coverage. layout and future methods the query in spiritual phrases, discussing human germline amendment (the genetic amendment of the embryonic cells that develop into the eggs or sperm of a constructing organism) from the viewpoints of conventional Christian and Jewish instructing.

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Several copper hoards-B. B. Lala counted some 37have been discovered in the Doab and in the Chota Nagpu r Hills in Eastern India, of which some important sites include Bahadarabad in Saharanpur district, Rajpur Parsu, Bisauli, Fatehgarh, Santal Parganas, Baragunda, Saguna and others. An interesting point is the association of ochre coloured pottery with the copper hoard culture in these areas, which is now receiving closer investigation. The association, in some centres, of copper hoards with ochre coloured pottery as in Bisauli and Rajpur and, in some other places, their existence below the Painted Grey \vare, as in Hastinapur, suggest that copper hoards might belong to ochre coloured or some such pottery of a pre-Grey Ware period.

These different philosophical systems then under active investigation took their final forms. a Dasgupta disagreed with such late dating of the philosophical sil/ras, as we shall see when we take up the question of dates of the individual su/ras. Renou and Filliozat hold that the origin of the speculation constituting the systems is much older than what is implied in Jacobi's investigations. It is quite possible that the activity of the Buddhism, by creating an opposite reaction among the BrahmaQas to defend and strengthen their position, indirectly contributed to the codification of their philosophies.

II. 2. FiUiozat (2), pp. 121-28 (French version). A SURVEY OF SOURCE MATERIALS 19' attested in both the Atharvaveda and the Yajurveda. a A large number of plant remedies are recommended for curing diseases in the various recensions of the Yajurveda. In this connection important references to plant structures, physiology and classification are also met with in this Salflhita. The Atharvaveda The Atharvaveda comprises 731 hymns and about 6,000 verses grouped under 20 books of which the first eighteen form the Atharvaveda proper and the last two supplementary additions of comparatively recent date.

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