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When a similar stunt was pulled by activists in Arizona, they vowed to remain until "government gets out of bed" with the corporations. TV stations gave live updates from the bed. Santa Claus: Childhood Fable or Friend of Corporate Interests? Use a Santa figure to dramatize how corporations get most of the government gifts. Maybe use different sized stockings or gifts to visually demonstrate unequal shares. UNITED FOR A FAIR ECONOMY /" LOOI(- YOU GUYS WERf. )I THE' P'M­ FHE:T ffiOF€,SS(ii)R STUFF?

Changes in Tax Rules -GRAFFITO During the 1 950s, government tax and spending policies worked to build the commonwealth of this country and gave most Americans more a�cess to affordable education, home owner­ ship, and decent jobs. Through Federal programs such as GI Bill and low interest mortgages, all classes shared together the fruits of the post-World War II growth, with 2 12x During the Reagan-Bush years, the emphasis of tax policy was to pro­ mote "trickle down" economics under the theory that cutting taxes on the rich (and raising them on everyone else) would create more wealth in society for all.

This encloses the sound and makes for a more intimate space. Such arrangements can be found in the city on the side of a mound in a city park, inside a non­ working fountain. The other alterna­ tive is to raise yourself up, above your audience-on the steps of a public building, or atop a wall, or a line of benches, or... Physical Location. Backdrop. Try to set up the per­ formance with a plain wall immedi­ ately behind. It bounces sound back to the audience, provides a neutral visual background and helps prevent props from being stolen.

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