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Renaissance Historim Man of Letters, 1952 (BM 10634. k. 20); Tliomdike, vi, 148. N B G , 1865, xliv, 785; Thorndike, v, 580. AliKlc^OJ-A 43 Germany in 1526 he settled in a mining district in Bohemia, where he made an intense study of mineralogy. After a residence in Joachimsthal, he became in 1533 town physician, and in 1546 burgomaster, of Chemnitz, where he died. Agricola used every opportunity of seeing and studying all kinds of mining and metallurgical processes as physician to the miners and spent all his means in pursuing such studies, the Dukes of Saxony several times coming to his aid.

A -u , w -z , A - S 6 = 4 prel. 11. + pp. , 270 woodcuts, in d . folding yard ^\Georg Agrikola's Bermannus, Freyberg, 1806. * jG. , Freyberg (p. ), 18 0 6-0 7-0 9-12 . • IPouchet, 1853, 512 f. * Sotheran Cat. 806 (1927), no. ; Hoover, 1912, xv, 593. A G R IC O L A 47 measure at p. l o i , large circular diagram between pp. D . * f*, Fnmkfiirt, 1580; f , Basel (L . K 5nig), 1621. V II6 . Z w 6 lf BQcher vom B erg- und H Q tten -w esen .. * . * An Italian translation by Michelangelo Florio is det^cated to Queen Elizabeth: V II c .

174 v, incorrect reference to text, as often. • Percy, Metallurgy of Iron and Steel, 1864, 809. ’ Becker, 1924, 50. • Rerum metaUicarum interpretatio; 1657, f. Nn 5 verso; IV, x ; 1657. 659. • I; II, v; 1657, 520, 689 f. I I IV, m; 1657, 589. ^ IV, viii; 1657, 642-3. , 511, 590; on alum manufacture see Beckmann, (i), II46, i, 180 (alum works in Constantinople, Smyrna, etc. ), and Singer, (4). ^ Fluorspar and its use as a flux are clearly described (lapides sunt gemmarum similes, sed minus duri; fluores .

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