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By Harold Covington

The subsequent e-book of H. A. Covington''s Northwest novel trilogy, A robust fort alternatives up the place Thunder left off, and serves as a bridge to the ultimate novel within the sequence, The Hill of the Ravens. In a now not too far-off destiny, the USA is at the verge of breakup and cave in. the US is hopelessly slowed down in an abroad conflict opposed to the Islamic international in a dozen international locations that turns out to don't have any finish, whereas while the kingdom is torn through years of bloody household terrorism at the a part of white militias within the Pacific Northwest, and Hispanic separatists within the Southwest. The economic climate, the govt., and the felony procedure are falling aside. the US goes broke and at the verge of meltdown, in addition to dealing with a tremendous Arab offensive within the heart East. eventually, the government has no selection yet to undergo negotiations with the terrorists, and a peace convention is termed at Longview, Washington. Cody Brock is a tricky Seattle highway child, a runaway who joined the Northwest Volunteer military at 16. by means of day he attends Hillside highschool, the place he falls in love with the cheerleader, homecoming queen, and budding actress, Kelly Shipman. by means of evening he rides with the main lethal of all of the terrorist hit squads, the murderous group of the gangster-like Robert "Bobby Bells" DiBella, with his lady comrade Nightshade. the 2 of theem are chosen to accompany the insurgent delegation to Longview, the place all at once Cody is forced to confront a ghost from his prior. His Jewish past...

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319pages. 18x13x3cm. Poche

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Me, John C. here to pound on the table and act the heavy…” “It ain’t no act,” growled Morgan. ” “McCausland, Gair, who else? ” asked Barrow. “About twenty people,” said Anderson. “Six to eight accredited delegates, each delegate to have an aide to serve as a gopher, plus a few extras like a press secretary, a security officer, so forth and so on. ” “I can’t see Sammy Feet or Bobby Bells being much use at a shindig like this,” agreed Barrow. “Mixed into the delegation will be some of the Third Section’s better operatives, to try and keep you fully up to speed on everything, including a couple of techie types who will hopefully be able to detect and circumvent the inevitable Federal attempts at electronic surveillance.

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