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By J. D. H. Strickland

310 pages. Hardcover with dirt jacket. Fisheries study Board of Canada.

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The sample should be taken from reversing bottles immediately after the oxygen sample by filling a 50-ml polyethylene bottle to the brim and closing it at once with a tight-fitting screw cap. Store in the dark at low temperature until just before the analysis is commenced. E. SPECIAL REAGENTS 1 . SULPHURIC ACID REAGENT Add 1 0 ml of concentrated analytical reagent-grade. sulphuric acid to 1 000 ml of distilled water. 2. SODIUM HYDROXIDE REAGENT Boil 1 00 ml of distilled water for 2-3 min to expel most of the dissolved gases.

At the end point the pale greenish-yellow colour of the contents of the beaker changes t o a full yellow and then becomes a definite pale red as the end point is exceeded. The exact point is largely subjective and errors in its estimation are allowed for to some extent in the standardization procedure (see Sect. H ) . 01 ml. Note the average temperature of the samples T01 for each titration period of 1-2 hr (say every 2 0 or 30 samples) by a thermometer placed in a tightly packed case of bottles that has already equilibrated with the laboratory temperature.

Dissolve the salt in 200-300 ml of water, warming slightly. Cool, transfer to a 1 000-ml measuring flask and make to the mark with distilled water. This solution is stable indefinitely. 4. 3567 g of KI03. 5. 0 ml of concentrated sulphuric acid and 1 . 0 ml of alkaline iodide solution and mix thoroughly. 0 ml of manganous sulphate solution and mix again. Withdraw approximately 50-ml aliquots into the titration flasks. 00 ml of either 0. 0 1 00 N iodate from a clean 5-ml pipette which should be calibrated as a check on the volume.

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