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Beside it a germinating seed, thirdly a sprout with roots, fourthly a sprout without seedcap, beside it a tender plant, then a young plant, lastly fully grown plant with strong root and shoot system. They rightly arranged without much knowledge and guidance from me. I kept various seeds in front of the children. And since a week I was growing paddy and green pea seeds in a plate, now they are germinated.... ” Our conversation has started. Children were observing the seeds and growing plants. They touched the plants, turned them and s1ipped in deep thinking!

Jyothi saw into the questionaire, read the question ‘ and asked him, then he answered very simply. “Anna! ” Jyothi asked. ” he answered. Kavitha sat on the bund, and started writing the answers. After writing, Jyothi asked another question. ” He said all types of pests which spoil the crop very briefly, by using local terms of the pests. ” “Manure. ” The interview started with little fear, but at the end they got the entire information regarding the brinjal crop. After completion of the interview, children said “thanks” to the farmer, and returned to the school.

Come on! Farmers! Come on! Common man! To get on our lives Live by labour work!! Come on! ” ———— RAVI Kalyani tuned all songs on “weeding”, and gave a practise to all. Working in the fields, teaching and creation are all not separate entities; but, they are inter-related and intermixed! OBSERVATION OF THE FIELD Maize germinated after eight days. The day, when the sprouts came out of the soil, I gave straight sticks to all the children. I instructed them to fix the sticks besides the sprouts and observe the plant growth everyday.

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