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By Henry E Roscoe; Carl Schorlemmer; John Cannell Cain; Charles Henry Jeens; Bernard Mouat Jones

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Dzhemilev Reaction in Organic and Organometallic Synthesis (Chemistry Research and Applications)

Within the final 10 to fifteen years the invention of catalytic cycloalumination, cyclomagnesiation, and ethylmagnesiation reactions of olefins, dienes and allenes by way of alkyl and halogen alkyl Al and Mg derivatives lower than the motion of Ti, Zr and Co complexes to acquire new periods of cyclic and acyclic organometallics specifically aluminacyclopropanes, aluminacyclopropenes, aluminacyclopentanes, aluminacyclopent-2-enes, aluminacyclopenta-2,4-dienes, magnesacyclopentanes, magnesacyclopent-2-enes, and magnesacyclopenta-2,4-dienes are one of the sound achievements within the box of natural and organometallic synthesis.

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In a first memoir» Lavoisier finds not only that when sulphur and phosphorus are burnt no loss of weight occurs, but that an increase of weight Is observed. Hence he concludes that a large quantity of air becomes fixed. This discovery leads him to the conclusioa that a similar absorption of air takes place whenever a body increases in weight by combustion or calcination. In order to confirm this view, he reduces litharge with charcoal, and finds that a considerable quantity of air is liberated.

Kichter also showed that when the ' different metals are separately dissolved in the same quantity of sulphuric acid, each one takes up the same quantify of oxygen; or, as we may now express it, the varying quantities of these different oxides which neutralize one and the same quantify of any acid, all contain the same quantity of oxygen. These important observations attracted but little attention or consideration" front Eichter's contemporaries, all of whom were busily engaged in carrying on the phlogistic war.

213) he says—" It is one great object of this work to show the importance and advantage of ascertaining the relative weights of the ultimate particles, both of simple and compound bodies, the number of simple elementary particles which constitute one compound particle, and the number of less compound particles 1 2 3 LonaWe's Life of Datton. Longmans, 1874. MttHduxtcr Memoirs, 2nd Series, vol. i. p. 250. Certain inaccuracies in the values of the weights of some of tho compound* occur in tbfa table; thus, 4 "2 + 5-G = 97, whilst 9 3 appears omwsito nitrous oxide.

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