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By Diane Duane

While Nita grieves over her mother's dying, package tackles a problem as harmful because it is unusual: Rescue a tender wizard who has vanished on his first task. This new wizard is in contrast to any other--he's autistic and he is a paranormal prodigy. His strength is gigantic. Now package and his puppy, Ponch, needs to tune down the lacking boy sooner than the Lone energy unearths him.

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319pages. 18x13x3cm. Poche

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He reached into his pocket for the transit spell he’d used the other day to get to Darryl's school, and ran the long glowing chain of it through his fingers while Ponch did his business back in the bushes. A moment later Ponch bounced out of the underbrush again, and ran back to Kit, bounding up and down around him. You ready? “Yeah. ” Kit managed with some difficulty to get Ponch to hold still long enough to slip the leash-spell around his neck. Should Ponch’s search for Darryl take them into some space where there wasn’t air, or something else humans and dogs needed to survive, the leash would make sure Kit’s fail-safe spells temporarily covered Ponch, until Kit could improvise something else.

Sad all the time; he was so sad. Nita longed to see him looking some other way… yet for so long now she’d routinely felt sad herself, because she could understand his problem. It’s only been a month, she thought, and already I can’t remember what it’s like not to be sad. The school shrink had warned her about that. Mr. Millman, fortunately, had turned out to be very different from what Nita had expected, or dreaded, when she’d been sent to see him after her mom had died. The other kids at school tended to speak of “the shrink” in whispers that were half scorn, half fear.

Mr. Millman nodded. “That feeling of weight,” he said. ” “I wish I could make it go away,” Nita said. “Fighting it probably won’t make it go away faster. May prolong it, in fact. Let it be there, and do your best to work around it, or through it, and do what you usually do. ” Mr. Millman leaned back in the chair and stretched. “I would say play, but no one wants to hear that word at a time like this: It makes them feel guilty, even if it’s what they need. If you have projects you work on, hobbies, keep them alive.

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