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By Kathleen Hale, Robert Montjoy, Mitchell Brown

Administering Elections offers a digest of up to date American election management utilizing a structures standpoint. The authors supply perception into the interconnected nature of all elements of elections management, and sheds like at the strength results of reforms that fail to account for this.

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The research that we have listed here includes voter experience in polling places such as long lines, unequal treatment, and voter confidence. We did not find any research on the counting of votes, per se, although the literature on alternative voting includes findings on the probability that ballots will be returned and counted. Concerns about errors in voting systems have led to research on audit processes and recommendations from statisticians regarding the efficiency and effectiveness of recounts.

Walker Gomillion v. Lightfoot 2014 1960 Harris v. Siegelman 1988 Kobach v. EAC 2015 Kuznik v. Westmoreland County Board of Commissioners League of Women Voters v. Browning McConnell v. FEC 2006 HAVA implementation and replacement of lever machines Constitutional limits of durational residency requirements Criminal justice system parameters, disenfranchisement policies and Section 2 of the VRA Government-issued photo voter identification Limits of local redistricting and electoral boundaries pre-VRA Racial discrimination at polling locations in violation of VRA Section 2 State level documentation of citizenship in addition to NVRA citizenship requirements HAVA requirements for purchase of electronic voting equipment Mobile v.

1 Major elements of the election administration system at the local level Source: Adapted from Montjoy 2008. 1 to avoid cluttering the diagram. The following description is organized according to these categories. Voter Information An increasingly important function in election administration is the provision of voter information. 1 because it affects almost every element of every election administration system and continuously so, although it peaks around election days. State and local jurisdictions vary in the nature and amount of information they provide.

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