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By Ann Martin Bowler

Do you know that eighty five years earlier than Columbus came upon the USA, chinese language ships longer than a soccer box sailed hundreds of thousands of miles via unknown oceans and visited greater than 30 international locations? it is real! Adventures of the Treasure Fleet is the superb tale of those seven epic voyages and their larger-than-life commander, Admiral Zheng He.

Beginning in 1405, Admiral Zheng He led greater than three hundred monstrous, brightly-painted ships around the South China Sea to the Indian Ocean and the entire technique to the far-off coast of Africa. The admiral and his workforce battled pirates and raging storms, and have been surprised by means of the folks and methods of lifestyles in far-off lands. At each one port, chinese language items have been traded for pearls, beneficial stones, herbs and drugs that have been given as tribute to China's strong emperor whilst the ships' back home.

Filled with historic proof, Adventures of the Treasure Fleet brings an exquisite piece of historical past to existence. Gracefully instructed and beautifully...

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Admiral Zheng He was a brave and capable commander. He was the emperor’s loyal friend and a devout man. The admiral’s words about the voyages reveal much about this fine man. “Our fear was not to succeed. But if we serve our ruler with loyalty, then all things are successful. ” With both Zheng He and the emperor gone, there was no longer support within China for overseas adventures. Thinking that the fleet was wasteful and expensive and only drained China of her vast wealth, China’s new rulers no longer allowed overseas travel of any kind.

Once the Chinese fleets stopped visiting after 1433, Parameswara converted to Islam and the city became a leading center for the spread of the new religion in the region. Arriving in Siam, Zheng He stormed into the palace like a tiger. “You, king, must treat Malacca well. If you do, China will reward you as a friend. ” On hearing this, the king became very angry. “You fool! ” “I speak for China,” replied the admiral. “And my navy stands behind me. ” Outside, thousands of Chinese soldiers stood ready and huge Treasure of ships filled the harbor.

To my brother Tom, brave and loyal as the admiral himself. — Ann Martin Bowler For Father, with whom all things are possible. And for the child in all of us. K. Tay-Audouard Author’s note: Adventures of the Treasure Fleet is historical fiction. The story is based on seven Chinese naval voyages that took place between 1405 and 1433. Each event mentioned in the story actually occurred during one of the voyages, though fictional details have been added for the reader’s enjoyment. At the bottom of each episode is a summary of historically agreed facts.

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