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By Robert Greenfield

For ten days in March 1971, the Rolling Stones traveled by way of educate and bus to play exhibits an evening in lots of of the small theaters and city halls the place their careers begun. No behind the curtain passes. No safeguard. No sound assessments or rehearsals. And just one journalist allowed. That journalist now can provide a full-length account of this landmark occasion, which marked the tip of the 1st bankruptcy of the Stones' outstanding career.
Ain't It Time We acknowledged see you later is additionally the tale of 2 artists at the precipice of mega stardom, strength, and destruction. For Mick and Keith, and all those that traveled with them, the farewell travel of britain was once the top of the innocence.
Based on Robert Greenfield's first-hand account and new interviews with some of the key gamers, this can be a brilliant, exciting examine how it as soon as was once for the Rolling Stones and their fans—and how it could by no means be back.

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