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To be used IN faculties AND LIBRARIES purely. A compilation of precise tales of numerous air failures.

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This slowed the plane down. But the pilot and co-pilot were not paying attention to the wind conditions. They thought they were still traveling as fast as they were at the start. It was cloudy. They couldn’t see out the window. They didn’t use the equipment properly. They were flying blind. 35 And they were already way off course. The pilot radioed the Santiago airport. They thought they were almost ready to come down into the airport. In fact, they were still in the mountains. The controller in Santiago did not confirm where the plane was.

Marcelo organized people to look through the wreckage for things they could use. They tried the radio. But it didn’t work. The batteries were in the tail. And the tail was long gone. 38 It started to snow. It was already dark by 6 o’clock in the evening. They used the seat covers like blankets. If they hadn’t, they would have died from the cold. At night, the temperature fell way below freezing. They figured out a way to melt snow for drinking water. They used aluminum sheets from the plane. The sun warmed the metal.

The ship was named the Vincennes. Radar operators on the Vincennes reported an airplane coming toward them. A regular passenger airplane will climb steadily during takeoff. But this plane was coming fast toward them. The captain thought the ship was under attack. The target was shot down. But it wasn’t a fighter plane. It was a regular passenger plane. The radar operators had made a mistake. 290 people were on board. All were killed. The Navy admitted it was a tragic accident. The American government eventually paid $62 million to the victims’ families.

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