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By Thomas R. Martin, Christopher W. Blackwell

Every thing we all know approximately Alexander comes from old assets, which agree unanimously that he used to be remarkable and bigger than daily mortals. From his start right into a hypercompetitive global of royal girls via his education less than the eyes and fists of stern squaddies and the piercing mind of Aristotle; via friendships, rivalries, conquests and negotiations; via acts of generosity and acts of homicide, this ebook explains who Alexander used to be, what influenced him, the place he succeeded (in his personal eyes) and the place he failed, and the way he believed that he earned a brand new 'mixed' nature combining the human and the divine.

This publication explains what made Alexander 'Great' in line with the folk and expectancies of his time and position and rejects glossy judgments asserted at the foundation of an implicit ethical superiority to antiquity.

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He had no bodyguard. The hegemon of the Greeks wanted to show that he was safe in the goodwill of his close relatives and allies from Greece, with no need for a wall of spears to protect him. Suddenly a man named Pausanias pulled a knife from under his cloak and rushed at the unguarded king. He stabbed Philip to death on the dirt of the arena, before the very eyes of the spectators gathered for what they had expected to be a joyous celebration. The assassin turned to make his escape, but he tripped on a vine and fell.

Undaunted, he commandeered dugout canoes from the locals on his side of the river and had his army’s leather tents remanufactured into inflatable pontoons. With this improvised flotilla, he ferried 5,000 men across in one night. Dawn revealed the Macedonians, ready for combat. Seeing how easily Alexander had defeated this “Greatest of Rivers,” the barbarians holding the northern side fled, and the tribes sued for peace with this king who seemed to know no limits. In fact, Alexander’s brilliance remained so vivid in memory that for half a century no Thracian attacked his homeland.

Perdiccas’ son was only a baby, however, so Perdiccas’ younger brother Philip, the baby’s uncle, became regent, responsible for defending Macedonia. Macedonia needed defense, since the Illyrians had won victory after victory for years, and their recent slaughter of a Macedonian army and king had put the very survival of all Macedonians at risk. The Illyrian victory made Macedonia look weak, like easy pickings. Macedonian territories were therefore immediately prey to invasions. Philip had to convince the regional leaders of Macedonia that they could defeat their enemies and that he could show them how.

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