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By Gretchen D. Starr-Lebeau

A part of a sequence offering targeted details at the eras of pre-twentieth century the USA, this quantity comprises articles overlaying headlines and headline makers, awards, achievements and different enlightening and interesting proof on early American civilization.

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Located near the Mississippi River, traders imported chert, soapstone, and other minerals from northern regions in exchange for locally produced finished goods such as figurines, bowls, pipes, and tools. C. Poverty Point's preeminence in the native economy of the South had started to decline, but their influence had spread up the rivers through the Mississippi and Ohio River valleys. D. After the collapse of the Poverty Point culture several societies in the South began to bury the dead with prestige goods, build mounds, and farm for the bulk of their sustenance.

C. the tiny cob and the loose-husked ear shown at top were crossed to produce the hybrid shown at bottom. a more arid climate than their northern counterparts, and acorns were scarce. Instead they fished and hunted in the marshes that characterized the reaches of the lower valley. They migrated little and tended to live in permanent villages, and like the Pomos they never developed an indigenous pottery tradition. The Northern Yokuts enjoyed a milder climate, foraged for acorns, and fished for salmon.

While he had not been the first European to set foot in the New World, Columbus was the first to make a case through various published books and pamphlets that Europeans could open regular channels of contact and colonization with the land he believed to be Asia. France also sought to participate in the rush for colonies, but religious strife and an inability to colonize successfully the St. Lawrence River Valley militated against the creation of a strong French presence in North America before 1600.

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