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This can be a usual textbook for starting eastern protecting the 4 simple talents - examining, writing, listening and conversing. Genki I covers classes 1 to twelve. Japanese/English

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Ith ja arimasen , because takai and oishii are not nouns. Are mo takai ja arùnasen and oishii ja arimasen are therefore not grammatical. Instead, one would haye to say takaku arirnαsen and oishiku arimasen . We will learn about the conjugation pattern of adjectives in Lesson 5. ③|凶 文法編 Jα in ja arimasen is a contraction of deωα. In written Japanese, the uncontracted form is more common; thus, the above sentence more likely appears in writing as Yamada sαn 卸α gakusee de卸α αrzmasen. affirmative: negative: (X は) (X は) y です。 y じ ゃ あ り ません。 X is Y X 岱 not Y --_ね/_よ Statements often end with the tags ne or yo, depending on the way the speaker views the interaction with the listener.

A Question Sentences It is very easy to form questions in Japanese. Basically, all you need to do is add ka at the end of a statement. り ゅ うが く せ い で すか 。 1 り ゅ うが く せいてやす。 Ryuugakusee desu. (1 α悦) α:n internαtionα1 student. Ryuugakusee desu ka. (Aγe you) αm inter柄�ational student? The above sentence, Ryuugakusee desu kα, IS a “yes/no" question. Question sentences may also contain a “question word" like nαn2 (what) . In this lesson, we learn how to ask, and answer, questions using the following question words: nanji (what time) , nansai ,刀 & -K 一 な 百 け 似 ま ハ山 川 げ (how old), nannensee (what year in school).

When they introduce themselves, they often say only their family name. Here are some typical Japanese names. Family name Given name Men 、Tl/omen さ と う ひろし ゅう こ すず き いちろう めぐみ たかは し けんじ Kenji Kumiko たなか ゅうき なおみ Satoo Suzuki Taka h ashi Tanaka いとう Itoo Hiros h i Ichiroo Yuuki ま さひろ Masahiro Yuuko Megumi く みこ Naomi き ょ う こ Kyooko 81砂会話 文法編 P れんしゅう r a C C e ① す う じ (Numbers) 。 凪 ぜ 3ら ゼロ /れい zero ree いち じ ゅ う いち 1 1 ichi 2 yon 5 shi )uuyon 、ー・ -ーや ろ く 8 はち )uunana 18 kyuu 10 A. 19 j山kyuu 20 )UU き ゅ うじ ゅ う kyuujuu 1 00 ひゃ く hyaku じ ゅ う き ゅ う /じ ゅ う く ku じゅう juuku にじ ゅ う nl)uu Read the following numbers.

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