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Qxd 23/09/03 11:22 AM Page 31 CALDERÓN AND THE MOJIGANGA 31 comedy, as obscured appearances can also lead to the most tragic of misunderstandings, as is the case in Calderón’s larger works of theatre. In this mojiganga, hilarity ensues after all is dark, and the darkness is used more than once, repeatedly causing people to behave in a ridiculous fashion. Doña Aldonza inadvertently sits down on the water jug and glasses, overturning them and leaving a giant wet spot on the chair where she once sat, and quite possibly on her dress.

The Diccionario de Autoridades defines ‘cetrino’ as a colour associated with melancholy. ‘Verde’ is generally associated with youth and vigour, but can also connote bitterness, as in unripe grapes. Evangelina Rodríguez cites Doctor Estevan Pujasol’s El sol solo, y para todos sol, de la Filosofía sagaz y Anatomía de ingenios (1637), who states: ‘ “el color del rostro verdugado, y cetrino [. ] significa colérico y arrojado [. ] a causa del melancólico humor” ’. See Evangelina Rodríguez, ‘Gesto, movimiento, palabra: el actor en el entremés del Siglo de Oro’, Los géneros menores en el teatro español del Siglo de Oro (Jornadas de Almagro 1987), ed.

There are ways of stretching out the action of a comic battle, generally through the use of verbal attacks or manoeuvring onstage, both of which depend on steadily increasing ingenuity. But when the fighting consists mostly of simple shouts and ‘embestir’, there is little material to go on. Thankfully, the ‘gallegos’ and ‘gitanos’ arrive before the shouting and grappling become monotonous. Their arrival can be considered a ‘plot point’, an event that changes the action onstage. Their arrival also provides an instant joke that requires no elaboration or preparation and these stereotyped figures could easily be called a ‘cheap laugh’.

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