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By E. Crompton (Auth.)

This e-book covers all facets of the research of seawater together with the main complex actual strategies. Sampling, the decision of anions, disolved gases, atomic absorption, tracking radioactive degrees, non-metallic compounds are all mentioned in flip

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Equilibration time of electrode very long 50 mg potassium alum and 3 g ammonium citrate added/100 ml seawater 37 mg ferric alum added to 100 ml seawater and pH adjusted to 3 by adding few drops of glacial acetic acid. Soln — 40 ppm Fe 3 + 50 ml TISAB added/100 ml seawater Calculated via addition of TISAB and calibration vs. 3 T h i s determination was performed approximately 3 weeks after the first. , et al. (1976) Analytical Chemistry, 48, 1236, American Chemical Society, by courtesy of authors and publishers.

29] is similar to that originally described by Gran [32] for the exact determination of potentiometric end-points. Brand and Rechnitz [33], Baumann [34] and Craggs et al. [35] have already described procedures employing the method of standard additions to selective ion-electrode potentiometry, but no data are available for natural waters using this direct method except for the work of Liberti and Mascini [36] who determined fluoride in mineral waters. The procedure used by Rix et al. [29] is exceedingly simple, and the method of data treatment provides a linear plot, the slope and intercept of which give independent measures of the original concentration of fluoride in the sample.

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