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In the Codex Mendoza, different punishments were listed. Pinching arms or ears was a common punishment. More severe punishments included making children inhale Newborn Ceremony Childbirth was a very special event in Aztec life. If a mother died during childbirth, she was honored as a warrior for fighting a good battle during the delivery. Babies were treated as weary travelers who had just arrived into the world. The midwife gave formal speeches while cleaning the baby. A boy’s umbilical cord was later taken by a warrior to be buried on a battlefield, and a girl’s cord was buried near the hearth in a family’s home.

For example, only Montezuma II could wear a turquoise cloak. The nobles owned art and had large houses and Aztec Beauty and Hygiene Cleanliness and looks were very important to the Aztecs. Many bathed at least once a day, using certain fruits and roots as a kind of soap. Women wore perfume and applied yellow makeup to their face and limbs. The makeup was made from either yellow clay or axin, a substance made from insects. Hairstyles were also a sign of class, age, or trade. Most male commoners wore their hair short with short bangs.

Rhythmic language and drumbeats helped students learn poetic language and songs. The second type of school was for the children of nobility—the calmecac. Sometimes the brightest commoner students were specially chosen to attend these schools as well. In each city there was only one calmecac for boys and another for girls. indd 48 10/28/14 1:33 PM or political leadership roles. It was a very strict atmosphere, similar to a military academy. Students learned how the Aztec calendar worked and about the many religious festivals and ceremonies.

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