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By Marshall Clagett

This quantity keeps Marshall Clagett's reports of some of the points of the technological know-how of historical Egypt. the quantity offers a discourse at the nature and accomplishments of Egyptian arithmetic and in addition informs the reader as to how our wisdom of Egyptian arithmetic has grown because the booklet of the Rhind Mathematical Papyrus towards the top of the nineteenth century. the writer fees and discusses interpretations of such authors as Eisenlohr, Griffith, Hultsch, Peet, Struce, Neugebauer, Chace, Glanville, van der Waerden, Bruins, Gillings, and others. He additionally additionally considers stories of newer authors comparable to Couchoud, Caveing, and Guillemot.

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For the moment, I want to consider the relationship between genetic accounts and the Keynesian dissolution of predictivism discussed in the previous section. The gist of the Keynesian dissolution, once again, is that theories that are proposed without being built to fit the data that supports them are typically proposed because there is some other preliminary evidence for them – when the empirical consequences of such theories are subsequently confirmed, then, such theories are confirmed by two independent sources: the preliminary motivating evidence and the confirmed empirical consequences.

The import of these defenses is that predictivism turns out to be a doctrine that is available only to the realist. I consider also a seminal paper by Magnus and Callendar (2004) and show how their critique of the realist/anti-realist debate can be answered by the various points developed in this chapter. In the course of the discussion of the realist/anti-realist debate a particular claim emerges as particularly fundamental, and this is the claim that novelly successful theories emerge at a rate that is too high to be attributed entirely to chance.

Rather than embark on further discussion of Worrall’s theory here, however, I refer the reader to Barnes (2005) in which I discuss and criticize Worrall’s account in some detail – and see Worrall’s (2005) reply. I will offer further discussion of Worrall’s account in Chapter 3 in connection with the story of Mendeleev’s predictions. 5 Genetic theories of predictivism A genetic account of predictivism is one that holds that predictivism is true because successful prediction, unlike accommodation, constitutes evidence that the theory was generated by a dependable source.

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