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By Jo-Ann A. Brant

The essays during this quantity research the connection among old fiction within the Greco-Roman international and early Jewish and Christian narratives. they give thought to how these narratives imitated or exploited conventions of fiction to provide sorts of literature that expressed new rules or formed neighborhood id in the moving social and political climates in their personal societies. significant authors and texts surveyed comprise Chariton, Shakespeare, Homer, Vergil, Plato, Matthew, Mark, Luke, Daniel, three Maccabees, the testomony of Abraham, rabbinic midrash, the Apocryphal Acts, Ezekiel the Tragedian, and the Sophist Aelian. This assorted assortment finds and examines commonly used matters and syntheses within the making: the pervasive use and subversive strength of imitation, the excellence among fiction and heritage, and using heritage within the expression of identification.

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108 For example, Dionysius’s prooi/mion is as follows: I am grateful to you, O King, for the honor which you have shown me, the virtue of self-control,109 and the marriages of all. For you have not allowed a private citizen to be plotted against by a public official. 110 This prooi/mion prompts several rhetorical observations. 113 107. See Quintilian, Inst. 57. 108. For analysis of this speech into its parts, see Hock, “Rhetoric of Romance,” 463. 109. By my translation I reject the emendation proposed by John Jackson (see “The Greek Novelists,” CQ 29 [1935]: 52–57, esp.

On this little-known late second-century Sophist, whose full name was T. Claudius Rufus, see Philostratus, Vit. soph. 597–98; and Walter Ameling, “Der Sophist Rufus,” Epigraphica Anatolica 6 (1985): 27–33. 8). 61 Though not as pervasive in Chariton’s novel as Homer, these historians do appear at several points in the narrative. 1: cune/graya). 65 In any case, Chariton clearly had read Xenophon’s Cyropaedia. 3: e)lei/beto de\ au)th~| ta\ da/krua kata\ tw~n pareiw~n. Elsewhere Chariton clearly models his language on Xenophon66 60.

Education in Greek and Roman Antiquity (Leiden: Brill, 2001). 3. 60). The importance of Libanius is obvious, and it is heartening to read that Cribiore (7 n. 14) is preparing a translation of over five hundred of Libanius’s letters that deal with educational matters. -15- 16 ancient fiction world. This broader world is precisely what the Greek novels provide— fictional, to be sure, but also lengthy, detailed, and comprehensive. Moreover, these novels focus precisely on the sorts of aristocratic men and women for whom ancient education was designed.

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