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Be an eyewitness to old Iraq. return in time to among 3500 to 500 BC, and stopover at the 'land among rivers'. realize the birthplace of writing and farming and the place the 1st nice towns, states and empires rose; domestic to the Sumerian, Assyrian, and Babylonian civilizations. Get the image utilizing the clip-art CD with over a hundred striking pictures to obtain. Then use the large pull-out wallchart to accessorize your room. nice for initiatives or simply for enjoyable, this fact-packed advisor and CD will convey and let you know every little thing you must find out about this historical land and civilization. "I am an incredible fan of these...They are brilliantly visual". "There is not a baby that might be capable to withstand making a choice on that up" - "Reader Reviews".

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Winged disc contains image of the supreme god, Ashur Tigris, a long way north of Babylon. Their city of Ashur began to grow wealthy from trading with Anatolia as early as 2000 bce. The Assyrians had few resources and little fertile land of their own, so they set out to conquer other lands. In 1120 bce their ruler, Tiglath-pileser I, founded an empire that reached to the eastern Mediterranean. The area under Assyrian control expanded again under Sargon II, who seized power in 721 bce. The mighty empire was finally brought low in 612 bce, when the Babylonians destroyed its capital, Nineveh, and other major cities including Nimrud.

Assyrian roads, built around 800 bce for royal messengers, had relay posts every 30 kilometres (20 miles) or so. WAGON WHEELS Wood for making wheels was a luxury in Mesopotamia. The shortage of large tree trunks for making solid wheels led to an alternative design. Two or three narrow plank sections were joined together to make up a wheel. The trouble was that these were very heavy, so from about 2000 bce wheels were made with sections removed. This meant that the rim had to be strengthened with bars or spokes.

Pupils also learned to trim their reed stylus and make clay tablets. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 30 40 50 60 NUMBER CRUNCHING The Mesopotamians were writing down numbers over 5,000 years ago. Like their ╆“letters”, the numerals were wedge-shaped symbols. The same symbol was used for ╆“1” and ╆“60”, because the main counting system had 60 as its base. It was used alongside a decimal system, based on the number 10. There was no sign for zero. 32 WEIGHTS AND MEASURES This stone relief from Nimrud shows scales being used for weighing.

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