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This booklet is a part of the TREDITION CLASSICS sequence. The creators of this sequence are united through ardour for literature and pushed by way of the purpose of constructing all public area books on hand in revealed structure back - all over the world. At tredition we think nice ebook by no means is going out of favor. a number of more often than not non-profit literature tasks offer content material to tredition. To aid their strong paintings, tredition donates a part of the proceeds from every one offered replica. As a reader of a TREDITION CLASSICS booklet, you help our project to save lots of a few of the awesome works of global literature from oblivion.** [C:\Users\Microsoft\Documents\Calibre Library]

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5. The central pedagogic truth of Christ's teaching is this: All education is for the individual. Oriental education had for its end the interests of the State. Christian education has for its end the interests of the individual.

6. Education should begin with the earliest childhood. 7. The forms and names of the letters should be learned simultaneously, playthings being utilized to assist in this. 8. Care should be taken that children do not acquire a distaste for learning. CHAPTER XII 48 9. In learning to read, advance very slowly. 10. Writing should begin with tracing, and the copies should consist of moral precepts. 11. The individuality of the child should be studied. 12. Public schools are preferable to other means of education, because they do not subject the child to greater moral danger, while they stimulate him by association, friendship, and example, to nobler endeavor.

The numerous islands between it and the mainland of Asia made stepping-stones for the hardy mariners who, filled with the spirit of adventure, pushed out farther and farther from the Asiatic shores until they reached Greece--the first European country to be settled. Here we find another branch of the great Aryan race. The coast is broken up by many indentations which afford fine harbors and invite seafaring life. The surface is mountainous, the ranges cutting the country up into many sections or states.

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